VIP DAY PASS - $75, Includes a premium reserved seat for both Prejudging and Finals


PREJUDGING (10:00am) – $25, general admission

All Divisions will compete in judging rounds beginning with Men’s classes first, then Women. 

  • Men:  Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic Men’s Physique & Men’s Physique
  • Women:  Fitness, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Figure, Wellness & Bikini

FINALS (4:00pm) – $45 Reserved Seating, $40 general admission

All Divisions will perform individual routines while being introduced by the emcee.  The top 5 placings in each class will be awarded.  Order will be the same as for Prejudging.

Kids 12 & under will receive half price general admission. Kid's tickets must be purchased at the event, cash only. No discounts for VIP or Reserved seating tickets will be offered.

Anyone not competing must have a ticket OR trainer’s pass to attend, no exceptions!

Trainer's Passes

Only trainers with valid a pass will be allowed in the competitor prep, pump up and back stage areas.  The cost is $100.00 per day for a trainer's pass. You can purchase a pass in advance using the form below.  The trainer pass provides general admission into the venue for both judging and finals as well as access to the back stage/pump up are. Ribic Productions reserve the right to refuse issuance of trainer passes to anyone.

All trainers must be current members of the NPC. You will be required to show your current NPC card to pick up your pass (


  1. No tanning spray equipment of any kind will be permitted. Center Stage Tan is the only tanning company allowed on-site.
  2. You must wear a wrist band at all times. Tampering with the bands in any way will cause you to lose your band and have to purchase another.
  3. No one except competitors are allowed in the immediate staging area. This is the area where they are “on deck”.
  4. Listen to any and all instructions by our staff.  Our staff has the final word in any dispute with their instructions.
  5. Be polite and considerate to all.
  6. When not helping your clients please go out front and find an empty seat.

Competitors and trainers may only get ready in the dressing rooms and pump up area.  Anyone pumping up, oiling up, tanning, doing make up, etc. in the public areas that are not designated for prepping i.e. main bathrooms, walkways, on the carpeting, etc...ANYWHERE ELSE - will be immediately disqualified and escorted from the venue.

IFBB Pro Pass

We welcome our new IFBB Pros and congratulate the achievement of all our IFBB Pro Athletes!  Current IFBB Pro athletes are welcome to attend with a complimentary

  • Pass MUST be requested at least one week in advance of the event by submitting form below.
  • Athletes must submit a copy of their current IFBB Pro card when submitting request.
  • Pro pass will provide you general admission to the entire event (both prejudging and finals).
  • Only 1 pass will be issued per Pro athlete.  Guest tickets for family or friends are not included.
  • Pro passes do not serve as Trainer passes and do not grant back-stage access.  IFBB Pros who wish to purchase a trainer pass will receive a half price discounted rate.