Entry Deadline: October 22nd at 6:00pm
Late entry fee (after 10/22) is $200 for the first class, $135 for additional classes

The Northwest Natural is a Drug-Tested National Qualifier.  The top 2 placings in each Open Class qualify for nationals.  Masters athletes qualify for Masters Nationals regardless of placing.

Please visit the Competitor Info Page for complete information and list of banned substances. Under no circumstances will refunds be given for entries, tickets or other event related expenses if an athlete is disqualified.

  • Entry fee is $135 per class
  • Must be 18 years of age by the day of show
  • Competitors ages 18 and 19 entered in any division must show proof of age
  • Must have current year NPC membership by day of athlete check-in to compete – www.npcregistration.com
  • Competitors may compete in as many divisions as they would like and are eligible for (i.e. Open & Novice, Physique & Bodybuilding, etc)

NOVICE:  You are not required to compete in a novice class even if eligible and may choose instead to enter Open/Masters or may enter both.  Novice classes are only open to those who qualify by these terms:

  • True Novice Classes – This class is for first time competitors only.  If you have ever competed in an NPC competition previously (regardless of division), you are not eligible for True Novice.
  • Novice Classes – Competitors must not have placed 1st in an Open class with 3 or more competitors, may not have won an Overall and may not have placed Top 10 in any National level show.

Classes Offered


  • Men’s Bodybuilding – Masters (70, 60, 50, 40), Junior (18-23), Wheelchair, Novice & Open
  • Classic Men’s Physique – Masters (60, 50, 40, 35), Junior (18-23), True Novice, Novice & Open
  • Men’s Physique – Masters (60, 50, 40, 35), Junior (18-23), True Novice, Novice & Open


  • Fitness – Open
  • Women’s Bodybuilding – Open
  • Women’s Physique – Masters (45, 35), Novice & Open
  • Figure – Masters (60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35), True Novice, Novice & Open
  • Wellness – Masters (45, 35), True Novice, Novice & Open
  • Bikini – Masters (60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35), Junior (18-23), True Novice, Novice & Open



 We have made a commitment to provide you with a top notch, professional NPC event.  By submitting your entry, you are committing to be part of it as well.  Please do not ask for a refund of entry fees.