Northwest Natural Competitor Info

The Ironman Natural is a Drug-Tested National Qualifier, with a two year testing period from the date of the show. Testing is random through Polygraph, beginning on Friday evening October 1st, during registration.

  • ANABOLIC STEROIDS including but not limited to bolasterone, boldenone (Equipoise), chloroxomesterone (dehydrochlormethyltesterone), clostebol, fluoxymesterone (Halotestin), mesterolone, methandienone (Dianabol), methanolone, methyltestlosterone, nandrolone (Deca), norethandrolone, oxandrolone (Anavar), oxymetholone (Anadrol), stanozolol (Winstrol), testosterone and all other related compounds.
  • TESTOSTERONE/EPITESTOSTERONE RATIOThe T/E ratio is used to measure the presence of exogenous testosterone or illicit elevation of testosterone levels.  Any T/E ratio in excess of 6:1 is ruled as positive on any follow up urine test
  • GROWTH HORMONES (PHARMACEUTICAL HGH, HCG and any other related compound).
  • PRESCRIPTION DIURETICS (Lasix, Aldactone, Dyazide or any other prescription weight-loss substance used for bodybuilding purposes, even physician-prescribed.)
  • MUSCLE IMPLANTS OF ANY KIND (including synthol)

No testing will be done for pro-hormones or Ephedra.  Polygraph results are final! Note: The testing will begin at the check-in and all competitors must be available for testing.  Any athlete who does not check-in and make themselves available for drug testing on Friday evening will be automatically disqualified.  Any athlete who refuses testing or leaves before testing is completed will be automatically disqualified.  Under no circumstances will refunds be given for entries, tickets or other event related expenses if an athlete is disqualified.





Awards are presented for 1st-5th place in each class.  Open class winners will compete for the Overall Award at finals if there is more than one Open class within the division.  Team Award will be presented at the conclusion of Finals.  Team points are awarded as follows: 1st (5), 2nd (4), 3rd (3), 4th (2), 5th (1). Teams will earn a half point for every team entry not placing Top 5.


Each athlete will be measured at check-in, with the exception of those who are only competing in Bodybuilding or Fitness.  Height classes will be divided after check-in to keep class sizes as even as possible.

Our check-in process uses a certified medical device to measure all athletes.  Competitors will be placed into the classes they actually measure at, regardless of what is listed on the preliminary roster.

If you’re competing in Men’s Classic Physique, you must not exceed the maximum weight specified for your height.  If you come in heavier than the max weight you will have the option of moving to Bodybuilding or Men’s Physique but cannot compete in Classic Physique.  No refunds will be given for Classic Physique entries that do not make weight.


Note: Music is for Bodybuilding, Fitness & Women’s Physique and new Classic Men's Physique classes only.  All other competitors will walk the stage to house music.

Bodybuilders & Women's Physique have a maximum time limit of 60 seconds and Fitness competitors 2 minutes.  Absolutely no profanity is allowed and competitors with profanity-laced music will be subject to disqualification.

Music must be submitted by Wednesday before the show.  No music will be accepted at check-in.

Click here to upload your music


You will be given a competitor competition wristband at check in.  It is to be worn throughout the entire competition and you will wear it on stage as well.  It is your pass to get you into the venue and to get you back stage.  Each competitor will receive only one at check-in so don’t lose it or take it off.  If you misplace your wristband, you will be required to purchase another at $100 (same as trainer’s pass).

Anyone who is not competing MUST have a ticket or trainer’s pass to enter the venue. NO exceptions! 


To ensure NPC insurance compliance, trainers who require back-stage access must have a valid NPC card to obtain a trainers pass.  Passes will be available Passes will be available after the entry deadline via the merchandise page.  No person will be permitted back stage without a trainer’s pass and no pass shall be issued to any person who does not present a valid NPC card.


Due to insurance requirements, weights will not be allowed in the venue (dumbbells or other).  Bands will be provided for pumping up.  Dream Tan will not be permitted in the venue nor will any SLR style cameras.  Except for Fitness, no athlete is permitted to perform flips or handsprings on stage.


Video and photography is provided exclusively by Mark Mason Media.  No video cameras are allowed in the pavilion.

Pre-Order your photo package at

For information contact Mark:


Center Stage Tan is our exclusive spray tanner for this event.  All competitors should have a competition style tan applied prior to the show.  We recommend using Center Stage Tan as their solution is designed specifically for these types of events and they will be on-site for touch ups and assistance.  On-site tanning may ONLY be performed by our licensed and insured tanning affiliate.

Trainers may not bring in any airbrush tanning equipment or do any airbrush tanning on the premises!  Any trainer tanning their competitor back-stage or in the venue will be removed and the competitor disqualified.  We are adamant about this as the tanning creams/sprays can damage the venue.


All competitors will follow NPC rules, guideline and mandatory poses.  For complete guidelines and rules, visit the official site of the NPC:  Exhibition of poor sportsmanship will be grounds for automatic disqualification.


Tickets & Passes

Trainer’s Passes
Merchandise and more.

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 1st

CHECK-IN: All athletes MUST check-in on Friday, October 1st by 7:00pm.

5:00-6:30pm - Check-In for all divisions
7:00-7:30pm - Competitor Meeting
After check-in is complete, the roster will be updated with height divisions for each class.

Saturday, October 2nd

10:00am - Prejudging for all classes begins in this order:
  • Bodybuilding – Masters, Novice, Open Men
  • Classic Physique – Masters, Junior, True Novice, Novice, Open
  • Men’s Physique – Masters (50 & 40), True Novice, Novice, Open
  • Women’s Physique – Masters, Novice, Open
  • Figure – Masters (60 & 40), True Novice, Novice, Open
  • Wellness – Masters, True Novice, Novice, Open
  • Bikini – Masters (40 & 35), True Novice, Novice, Open
3:00pm - Finals for all classes begins, same order as judging

Event Venue

This year's Washington Ironman Natural will be held in Shelton, WA at the Little Creek Casino Resort.  This fantastic venue offers everything our competitors need on-site.  Hotel, tanning and venue are all in one location as well as food, drinks and gaming to celebrate after!

Little Creek Casino Resort
91 WA-108
Shelton, WA 98584

Click Here for Map

Center Stage Tan is the exclusive on-site competition spray tanner for this event.  Click the link to book your tanning appointment today and let their staff of licensed estheticians take all the worry out of getting the perfect stage color!  Center Stage Tan will be backstage the day of the show and have an expert staff to help you with all of your tanning needs. They use tanning products that are specially formulated for the stage and our lighting. We suggest you make your tanning appointment as soon as possible.

Center Stage Tan will also take appointments for hair and make-up services.  Your entry fee does not cover spray tanning so be sure to contact directly and schedule with them.

Trainers may not bring in any airbrush tanning equipment or do any airbrush tanning on the premises!  Any trainer tanning their competitor back-stage or in the pavilion will be asked to leave and the competitor disqualified.  We are adamant about this as the tanning creams/sprays can damage the venue.


Host Hotel

Little Creek Casino Resort is the host hotel and venue for the Washington Ironman Natural.  RATES AND DETAILS COMING SOON!

To make reservations by phone, call 800-667-7711 and mention that you're with the Ironman Natural Bodybuilding group.

Little Creek Casino Resort
91 WA-108
Shelton, WA 98584

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Important Note:  Competitors should bring their own linens and blankets if staying at ANY hotel for this event.  Please be respectful of hotel linens and furniture.  You will be billed for any damages caused by tanning agents.  We recommend purchasing the “Cocoon Cotton Travel Sheet” which you can sleep in to prevent damage to bedding.